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CheckMyTrip is a free, personalised Online and Smartphone portal,
which allows you to view both itinerary and relevant destination
details. The application handles travel booked and confirmed
through Selective Travel Management.

With CheckMyTrip you can access real-time reservation details
together with relevant destination information in one single place.
All it takes to retrieve itinerary information is the travellers’
name and reservation number, as provided by Selective Travel
Management. You can also create a personal account where
past, current and future trips are easily saved.

Key Features

Easy To Use
  • Access by using travellers surname and reservation number
  • 24/7 access
One-stop reference point
  • Full, real-time, live reservation detail:
    - Flight (duration, flight number, aircraft type, seat maps etc)
    - Hotel Information
    - Car Hire
  • Destination Information
    - Display of relevant country guides
    - Maps
    - Weather forecast
    - Dialling codes
    - Time Zones
    - Currency exchange rates
  • Personal Account
    - List of past, present and future trips
For further information or to sign up for a free account, simply click the following link: